Why Making Money Online Shouldn’t Be Your First Priority

As bloggers, we all absolutely would love to succeed and make a ridiculous amount of money online.  We’d be lying if we said otherwise.  While money might be able to buy you that sweet 1956 Benz and a palace in the Hills….

Money CAN’T Buy You Happiness.

Ahhh, the old tried and true saying.  It sure is true!

We must do things, even work, because we receive some kind of positive reinforcement from them.  Otherwise, the end result is lackluster to say the least.

It’s NOT All About The Benjamin’s Baby

I love me some old school Puff Daddy, but Puffy got it wrong here.

You have a choice in life – well, you have a lot of choices (see previous post) but I digress – with regard to what you do.  If you think blogging is your calling, power to you!  However, you have to feel compelled to talk (day in and day out) about that subject if you’re going to make it your life.

What else does it take?


You know this very well.  Passion is what prompts our most challenging life decisions:

Life partner




To eat the cake or NOT to eat the cake


You get my point.  The above decisions will strongly affect the course of your life for better or worse (hopefully better).


In the most basic sense, creating content for your blog should give you purpose.

I know that when I write on my personal blog, or even the one I manage for my New York web design firm, I get a sense of fulfillment after each post.  I can honestly  say, “hey that sounds good.  I enjoyed writing that.”

If someone else can say the same, even better!


Depending on the response you get from your blog, you might be married to that little masterpiece for years to come.  That is why choosing a topic that you feel informed about is critical to the overall lifespan of your blog.

If you feel confident that you can talk about how great broccoli, salad, and whole grains are for the next 15 years, than your health food blog is MONEY!  However, if you don’t know health food from fast food, you’re in for a rude awakening.

You need to be able to talk….talk….and talk some more!

You will find out quickly that, without any of the above essential qualities, your blog will tank.  If you can’t fool yourself, how can you expect to fool anyone else?