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As we browse through search engines every single day, too many websites are displayed. As an Internet user, what do you really expect to see once you land on a website? For example, when you browse for a certain brand of shoes, what is the first thing you look for in a website after clicking on a link from the search engine results? Do you want to see the models of the shoe or the price of it? How about the shipping options? Or are you the one who really loves the website if it is well designed with animations, etc.?

When we read a book, we put ourselves in the place of a particular character. We experience the moment with that character. This is the beauty of reading. However, when we browse websites and search engine results, we don’t actually read everything word for word like when we read a book; we scan everything. With this in mind, websites do not have a lot of time to catch the attention of viewers. Almost all website visitors are looking for the right answers that correspond with their reasons for searching. For example, let’s examine craigslist.com. How many websites have you seen with a design as plain as craigslist? There are no images, animations or other fanciness, only blue hyperlinked texts on all the pages. Is craigslist.com a beautiful website? No. Is it functioning and purposeful? Yes

When we talk about high quality website designs, there are certain facts we should keep in mind. The quality of the website is not based on high quality images or an eye catching graphic. Users do not care about the fanciness of your site; they care about whether or not it serves a purpose. Okay, so now you may be thinking, “what is purpose of this article?” Well, here is the conclusion:
Websites must serve a purpose. The purpose is hidden in the key question, “How do I want my users to behave after they land on my page?” What would you have them do if you had full control of their mind? Buy your product? Read your article? Make a donation?

White Media has good news for you! We are the first website design company that builds SEO friendly websites while offering the beauty of high quality web designs.

How can I be sure that my website will result in a return on my investment?

Shopping Cart

Our first goal should be to make the lives of visitors a little bit easier since the conversion percentage will be close to 80%. Making payment is an uncomfortable thing to do and therefore, we always want to keep this process shorter. Too many online shoppers leave a site during the transaction process if it takes more effort than what seems necessary. Professional SEO services help to drive users to your website. However, in order for users to purchase an item or service, expert search engine optimization is required.

Your Service and Your Website Design on Google

It’s time to accept the reality that there can be no effective online business without being well ranked on Google. Yes, you must have a good standing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service. White Media performs it’s own, unique SEO solutions, making us a giant brand in the Internet business. Our SEO techniques are not used by anyone else since they are created by the top SEO team of New York. Google has its confidential algorithm in order to index and rank websites. Whoever has the closest approach to this algorithm will get you where you want to be. We have something for you at White Media! Request an online marketing quote now (or copy that phrase and paste it into the Google search box, to see how we are ranked).

Stuffing hundreds of keywords into a website and using black hat SEO techniques are not an option for getting high rankings anymore.

A functional, easy-to-use shopping cart, a beautiful design, informative content and more importantly, an outstanding search engine optimization; THIS IS WHAT WE CALL WEBSITE DESIGN. White Media has its own professional principles and standards. We understand our clients and this has made us the best website design company in New York. White Media is fast growing and one of the best full service web design companies in the United States.

Our website design and redesign principles are based on:

  • Smooth Functionality
  • Visual Quality
  • Unique, Informative and Convincing Content
  • Search Engine Compatibility
  • Overall Professional Web Design style
  • Most importantly, RETURN ON INVESTMENT for your online business

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