Try These On For Size: Writing Habits For The Rummaging Blogger

Blogging is sort of like eating someone else’s home-cooked meal – It just tastes better when you didn’t make it!


You know when you read your favorite blog and say, “I wish I thought of that!” Yes, that all-too-familiar sensation of inadequacy rains on all of us from time to time. However, as a writer, you can dust yourself off with some of these simple writing habits:


Add Headlines


Adding headlines throughout the body of your content does a number of things. It not only organizes all of your awesome ideas, but also creates a visual marker for your readers. Look HERE!


Headlines are also a great way to weed whack through the fluff and extraneous ideas. We could probably all use a little more organization in our lives, so try the headlines on for size.


Use Captivating & Intelligent Language


Personally, the content I am drawn to most in the blogosphere is that which can do something for me:


  • Help Me
  • Induce Laughter
  • Create Mental Stimulation

    Ya dig? While I certainly love an intellectual rendezvous, blogosphere content seems best received by informality. That’s not to say that you should re-tool all of your posts into street-talk, but talk to your readers like they’re on your level. And, most importantly, offer something!



    Sometimes, a ten mile scroll of single-paragraph text is enough to make readers run for the border. This sort of rubs elbows with my “Add Headlines” tip above. Simple spacing, headlines, or visual variation is a quick means for “design without designing.”


    At my New York web design firm, I have learned a lot with regard to design. However, I am by no means a web designer. I have taken the initiative to learn some very basic html which has enabled textual sizing and other aesthetic tricks that help play with the design.


    Exercise Your Stand-Up Comedy


    Making people laugh is the best way to keep them reading. So, comedy is not your jump-off?? That’s cool. You don’t have to make people fall off their beds, chairs, or commuter rail seats, but you can give your blog a little flavor.


    I actually just wrote a whole post about showcasing your personality, or writer’s voice, in your content. If you can create a vivid voice for your work, make people recognize and LIKE it, you will probably be successful as a blogger – even if what you’re talking about is complete and utter bull!


    For those individuals that still DO read (and not rely on flashy imagery to get themselves jazzed), a writer’s voice is a prized commodity.


    Let’s be serious, people are not always focused on the language of a website, when the other design elements take over our easily distracted senses. Try some of these out, when the boredom and monotony of life gets in your way.