Things You Can Get Away With As a ‘Creative’

Stuffy Pretentious Corporate

The above words represent the antithesis of the web design world.  That is why I choose THISworld.

As a “creative,” I am offered the brilliance of avoiding these, arguably, undesirable facets of work.  I’ve certainly done the “suit and smile” bit, but after getting a taste of this free-living world, I’m not going back.

There are many things that go on throughout the office of my New York web design firm that would be frowned upon, let’s say, on Wall Street.  Yet, in the confines of this creative outlet, it’s not only accepted but encouraged.

I give you:

Stuff You Can Get Away With As A ‘Creative’

1- Show up to work in jeans every day

Yes, we meet with clients from time to time.  However, the nature of a web designer’s work does not warrant that pant suit in the back of your closet.  Jeans.  Comfortable.  Cool.

2- Engage in random corn hole breaks

There is a great deal of discussion about how “how critical recess is to preserving sanity for a child’s school day.”  We exercise that right in our New York website design firm!  :)

3- Listen to sweet music all day

While some of us (ahem, me!) have to write for a large portion of the day, most of the team gets on perfectly fine with sweet jams.

4- Work ungodly hours

As a designer, writer, etc., it’s not always easy to be “on” at all times.  If making that new homepage is not happening at 9 am on a Monday morning, don’t sweat it.  You can make it on your own time (given the fact that you meet deadlines).

5- Be Yourself

This is probably the most attractive feature of being a ‘creative.’  You rarely have to be something other than yourself, bar the few times you speak with clients.

It pays to be a web designer, writer, or any other ‘creative’ individual.  I urge you to find your creative bone, exercise it, and come join us!