Paid Online Marketing

There are two basic goals of Google Paid advertising. One goal is brand oriented and the
other is conversion oriented. We will perform the marketing strategy for your company using four
main steps.

1) Branding: The first step is to focus on creating awareness of your company’s name. After we
perform the exact demographic study we will initiate CPM (cost-per-impression) for specific
geographic areas. With this implementation, we will be able to show the effectiveness of
1000 ads per month by comparing the ads to the related Internet users.

This is not a conversion oriented implementation but it will definitely increase the awareness of the
brand. Please note that brand awareness promotion cannot be documented in any marketing
field since it’s only related to awareness. This is a proven technique for unique products.

2) Conversion: In this step we will focus on the conversions. Conversion is the term used to
describe the users’ reported behaviors. For instance, we will be asking you, “how do you
want your website visitors to behave?” You may want site visitors to contact you or to
become a member of your website, etc.

This technique will be implemented through PPC(pay-per-click). We will create customized ads and when the users click your ad on Googlethey will be directed to the conversion page. This implementation will increase the ROI since it will help you present your highest concern to your users.

3) Display Network: With this implementation we will be able to add your company’s ads on the
websites that we choose. We will target sites that have visitors seeking similar services to
those of your company.

The creation of a digital strategy is the final step of demographic research. We always make
sure that we build the digital strategy on substantial data. This helps us to set effective goals
and to create a convenient social media infrastructure.

Producing viral content for YouTube and Ustream Broadcasting can only be implemented
after other Google and Facebook marketing is completed. The information gathered from
these marketing results will determine the type of strategy for YouTube and Ustream Live
Broadcasting marketing.

All the marketing studies on Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube and the other social media
platforms will be merged on your company’s website. This will not be a static marketing strategy. Our
digital strategy is to create a marketing circle and keep the flow moving between all
components so that the system can continue to fuel itself in the future.