Why You Should ‘Play The Blogging Field’

Imagine the blogosphere as a wildly popular dating scene. Blogs are running around, left and right, getting together with other blogs. This kind of drama makes other bloggers talk – big time!


In case you didn’t pick up on where I’m going with this, I am telling you to play the field. But, please, use protection! 🙂


If you are a blogger, you might not know that managing multiple blogs would be beneficial to the success of all of your blogs. Of course, operating multiple blogs with little to no focal point in any is a bad idea. If you are failing with your web design blog, don’t think that your next stellar creation is going to miraculously bring you success. You should definitely have a firm handle on blogging principles and practices before initiating a fourth and fifth “go” at it.


Play The Game

Well, the “dating game” for your blog I suppose! Managing multiple blogs is like playing the field in the physical world. Not only does this give you more experience, but it opens the floodgates for more traffic on your site – the ultimate goal.

I exercise this at my New York web design firm on a daily basis. I, literally, jump from one blog to the next, often marketing toward the others. This reciprocal marketing is a good thing for your online business authority and traffic. In the most fundamental sense, you are wildly marketing, which is obviously a good thing for traffic.

Make That Cheddar

If you blog, you more than likely have a solid interest in the topic at hand. That’s imperative and expected! However, let’s be serious. You are also interested in making money online. By managing different blogs, you are granted the luxury of monetizing your blog via different means.


If you want to dabble in a little Google Adsense on one blog and work with banner ads on the next, that’s your choice. Either way, testing out the playing field with what works and what….doesn’t…..is beneficial to you and your blogs.



You’ve all heard my motto before:


If you want to get better at something, you keep doing it!


I’ve communicated this motto before and I’m saying it again – because I believe strongly in it. When I’m not operating as an awesome content writer for my New York web design firm, I’m an amateur boxer. This motto certainly rings true, both in the blogosphere and inside the ring. I would be failing at both, if I didn’t exercise the fundamentals on a daily basis.


Blogging, via multiple blogs, is a fantastic way to get better at blogging in general. You will learn that what works in one blog, might not in the next. And, you might even find that one blog that just steals your heart!


Happy blogging!