Hiring Google

Google is no longer “one of the most important search engines” of the global internet marketing business; it’s probably the only one. Today, internet marketing holds a very important place in business competition. Brands are gradually moving their physical stores to virtual environments. This alteration has brought some advantages and disadvantages. In fact, your company’s global internet marketing strategy can have a direct affect on this very competitive field. Whether you like it or not, Google is the strongest commercial power that dominates all of its opponents, not only of the Internet, but of the entire world.

Search engines are looking for new ways to improve the quality of their search results. What is the quality of search results? The main purpose of the search engines is to maximize the relevancy between the keywords that users type into the search engine boxes and the result given afterward. Search engines are, basically, intended to perform their job efficiently.

In order to avoid black hat SEOs’ unethical attempts, Google has improved its algorithm and has made it much more complicated. For instance, prior to the new algorithm development, Google was indexing websites depending on their keywords, tags, number of clicks etc. Today, your page rank (PR) is not the only criteria to indicate your website’s popularity

Then what makes your websites popular on Google?

Since the traditional algorithms are manipulated by scammers, Google has increased the number of facts that affect your website’s popularity on search results and decreased the effects of these particular facts. In other words, by collecting the information from various sources, Google’s spider can discover whether or not your website is useful for the related keywords that users are looking for. Therefore, since the quality of a website is no longer about several configurations, keywords, or tags, even the scammers have to work hard to increase their site’s popularity. There are too many black listed “SEOs” that promise to increase your site’s popularity in two weeks and even promise to make it ranked as number 1. The first question should be, “number one out of what?” Each keyword that is entered by a user into the search box has its own unique results.

It is possible to increase a website’s popularity in the short term and receive an important amount of clicks. However, once the search engines discover these unacceptable tricks on your website, your website (and more importantly your domain name) will be black listed. Unfortunately, being black listed does not mean simply being recorded on a particular list.

How can I avoid Black Hat SEOs?

For example, if you hire a scammer to optimize your website, he or she can:

• Copy a content or an entire article from other sources, which is referred to as “content duplication” and can dramatically decrease your domain’s value in search engines.

• Create unrelated back-links, and purchase links from other websites, which is clearly identified as unacceptable by Google Webmaster Tools .

Finding the Right Experts?

First, review their portfolio. If they did work for important companies, they should be able to provide you with certain references. Second, listen to what the company says that it can promise you. Are they guaranteeing that you will be listed as #1 for all of the keywords you need? Are they promising to make your website a “dream website” on search engines within two months? If their answers are close to these, walk away!

Search engines are trying to satisfy their users the same way you want to satisfy your clients. Copying content and buying links will bring your website in high rankings but only for a short period of time (about a couple of weeks). Once the Internet users click on your link through search engines, they will figure out that your site is not the one they are looking for. Therefore, they will hit the back button and leave your site immediately. This will increase your bounce rate. Unfortunately, high bounce rates tell the search engines that your website doesn’t have the sufficient relevancy, forcing it to be pushed to the lower ranks. An attempt to outsmart Google can make it impossible to gain the Online Business Authority (OBA) for your website.

Today, companies are looking for new ways to get higher ranking on Google and to draw potential clients to their site. SEO is extremely important, especially for the companies with a large budget. If you own one of these large companies, or even you are a small business owner, just keep in mind that there is no sneaky or quick way to make your website popular, and search engine friendly with an important Online Business Authority. It’s all about knowledge, timing and the awareness of the rule, “doing the right things in first time”. If you have these kinds of professionals working for you, Google will be working for you as well. Hiring the right professionals for your Search Engine Optimization is actually hiring Google itself.

by Ugur Gulaydin