Eye Candy


I know I just wrote a phenomenal blog about tattoos and how our bodies are like giant canvases, but I have more to say!


So, listen here:


I just stumbled upon another blogger’s discussion on the concept of design personification. He considered the power of “eye candy” in real life and how it translates to the digital online identity. Frankly, it left me with a duffle bag full of commentary that you are all so lucky to observe.


We all know the pervasiveness of digital media, specifically the hype around social media and networking sites. Why? Well, my thoughts are that we are unconsciously (or, perhaps, quite deliberately) narcissistic individuals. Whether creating a personal My Space profile, or building a business page on Facebook, we truly fixate on ourselves.

We fixate on our own self-perception, others self-perception of us, and how we perceive others to perceive us …..?……..Truth!


It became apparent to me that the world of web design is no different. In fact, countless web design firms, including my own New York web design firm, make a brilliant living off of this known reality.


The “profile” has become a phenomenon in the world of social networking. Similarly, the “homepage” has had the same effect on the world of web design. I wanted to offer yet another example of the digital crossover and how our behaviors online are mimicking real life more and more:


Real Life:

I have made a pretty substantial amount of commentary on image maintenance via the Web, and this discussion will resonate with all of the previous concepts.


In real life, image maintenance is something that we do on really granular, personal levels, as well as large-scale, corporate levels. This image encompasses everything from visual to informational information that we divulge to the public.


In my personal life, my physical appearance will offer a “statement” to those who view me. On any given day, the way I wear my hair, my choice of clothing, and the disclosure of my tattoos will reveal varying degrees of identity to the general public. While we all possess intricately different identities, we most certainly all have one thing in common:


We put OUR BEST POSSIBLE SELF out there.


Sure, your personal best is not my personal best, which is what makes the world go round. But, it should be clear that the aesthetic we wear, the culture we associate with, and the information we share are the most desirable image we wish to exude.


In our personal lives, we can refer to the relative “attractiveness” of someone’s personal construct as “eye candy.” We visit the “profile” of the “other” in a “dating game” sort of means. If we like it, we stay on page. If we don’t, we click away.


If you have a “profile,” you are most definitely playing the game.


Viewing the “Other”:

When we engage in viewing the “other,” we exercise our judgment – for better or worse. It’s called a first impression and we all do it.


Is this visually appealing?

Is it clean?

Is the message understood?

Is it “eye candy??”


These are the fleeting thoughts we possess in the physical and digital world when we meet new individuals or even new businesses. Unfortunately, if the individual doesn’t meet your checklist of criteria for the above, you’re out of there. It’s really no different in the world of business or website design.


Everything from the visual and informational messages we send are critical to the overall brand that we create for ourselves.


One rule of thumb:


If it’s important in the real world, you BETTER BELIEVE it’s important in the digital world!!