What Every ‘Creative’ Should Know

Being a creative individual is confounded with many luxuries and setbacks all at once. Whether you’re a web designer, writer, or musician, you know the beauty of achieving innovation coupled with doubt all too well.


At the end of the day,

we “creatives,” are our own worst critics.


However, a recent read has provided a humorous, insightful, and realistic gaze into the world of creativity.


Consider the following on your creative journey:


You ARE NOT the first person to do what you’re doing!

Though it seems plausible to “think” your idea is truly “your” idea, it isn’t. All concepts are derived from some source of inspiration. That is the beauty of creativity; It is a constancy of “ebb and flow.”


At my New York web design firm, I use an unlikely model for creativity. I call it the “I didn’t come up with this idea” model. I find that building off of an already existing idea helps me to carve out my more creative voice.


This reality does not have to be a bad thing.


If failure is upon you, fail WELL!

It is inevitable to fail from time to time – especially when you are habitually taking steep risks in your creative world. Failure is the product of over ambition. Is it really such a bad thing to be overly ambitious? In my eyes, I answer with an emphatic NO!


Ambition is what, eventually, gives birth to some of the most provocative and insightful work.


So, fail…..WELL!


Success is not endless

If you strike the lottery today, does it mean that you are likely to strike again tomorrow?


Grandiose success has no guarantees. Look at the career of Britney Spears!!!!!!!!

Copious amounts of this success should be the incentive to work harder; for we have not the knowledge to “know” when it will dissipate.


So, you’re a web designer and you just made bank off of this brilliant e-commerce design for a Fortune 500 company. That’s fabulous, but it doesn’t mean you can start planning your retirement, nor does it mean that all subsequent work will be as stellar!


Your relative success is not eternal. Let success be the catalyst for further innovation and reinvention.


TRY to manage a positive self-image

You know my COUNTLESS blogs about self-perception and image maintenance? THIS is the same concept.


The image you build for yourself is more than likely the image that people will see for themselves. If you, for instance, want to be regarded as one of the best New York website design companies, than you must believe it first.


Image construction and maintenance are at the forefront of your creativity. And, it’s pretty crazy to witness the power of a positive mind.


Follow Your Instincts

One of the most common issues amongst any creative endeavor is self-doubt. While many ego-centric, narcissistic individuals DO certainly possess an “I LOVE ME” persona, there is also an often uglier side to that.


Do you remember when you were in elementary school and your teacher would say, “Go with your first instinct!!!


Well, the same can be applied to web design….or any creative outlet for that matter.


Doubt is the ugliest of all creative thoughts. It breeds and multiplies like wildfire and often gives way to irrational and negative thoughts.


Don’t doubt yourself!!! Go with your instincts!


Respect Time

This concept is one with multiple meanings, depending on the field of creativity that you inhabit. In web design, concepts are often considered that of art. And, art simply cannot be forced or rushed. It is important, as a web designer, to respect your creative flow and understand when it’s just not in the cards.


Further, time is money! And, individuals don’t have the time, nor patience, to listen to any gimmicks or fluff. So, time must be respected in that sense as well.


You are a creative individual and that creativity is often the glory and bane of your existence. You might not ever (and, more than likely won’t!) discover a formula to solve your creativity struggles. However, having an awareness of the following might help alleviate that rampant inner doubt!


Happy Creating!!! 🙂