It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green

Kermit the Frog was a good man and he had it RIGHT!


In the world of web design, being “green” (or “different”) is a good thing. In Kermit’s world, difference was bad until he learned otherwise.


Our society enforces an uncanny amount of negativity upon anyone different: whether it’s race, gender, or sexual orientation, society pressures us to be “normal” (whatever that is).


I am happy that my little bubble within my New York web design firm, allows me to exercise my difference on a daily routine.


Let’s discuss why being DIFFERENT ROCKS::::::


1- Innovation:

Music is a great example. Some of the most powerful musical movements were born out of political and revelatory difference, like Punk Rock. The Ramones were sick and tired of the drone-infested jam session of Led Zeppelin, and the like. So they purposefully stamped their claim on 3-minute, 4-chord, chain-saw-anthems that we now KNOW as the very essence of punk music!


2- Stand Apart:

Dialing down the center is not always the best case scenario. In the world of web design, following success-proven tactics is great. But, breaking away from the generic aesthetic is what ultimately sets the leaders apart from followers. I’ve written countless “comparison” blogs where I consider the homepages of two competitor websites. More often than not, the one promoting a unique layout, theme, and mission will win my approval (not to mention anyone else’s).


3- Have a Voice:

I like to refer to the late San Francisco Supervisor, Harvey Bernard Milk, to articulate this concept. In the late 1960’s, the gay rights movement had begun to stake its claim in the political world. Harvey Milk, a pioneer within this community, found a way to take his shunned upon difference, educate himself, and become the first openly gay individual elected to public office in California. Having a “voice,” because of difference, can often prove to be an effective tool.


4-No Fear Connotes Power:

Have you ever found that you are oddly attracted to the presence of confidence? Most people would attest that self-assurance is not only an attractive quality, but it further purports power. Think of an individual who seemingly represents the criteria I listed above. Do you ever notice how people seem to “notice” this individual? Respect the individual? And, most simplistically, want to be in the presence of this individual? That’s the POWER of confidence – it exudes an heir of success.


Don’t knock yourself, or anyone, so quickly for being different. Because, you really never know when that VERY difference might be the hottest thing since sliced bread!