College Taught Me Something

Many people exit college with a slight (or not so slight) sense of intellectual vacancy.  That’s a shame.  I think that, while it might be challenging to recollect all of the various lectures, texts, and theories we encountered, college is more about hindsight.

Let me elaborate.  :)

It’s About The People

It wouldn’t have mattered if I went to an Ivy League school in Massachusetts, or a New York state school, my relative happiness was dependent on the people I encountered.

Not only did college teach me that my professors and friends would be the factor of enjoyment, but the way in which I communicated with them would be the insight into my career and future life.


It’s funny to me that the concept of “communication” (my MAJOR!) is, arguably, one of the most important behavioral elements in life.  Simply:

How to deal with another human being.

I feel that I have sophisticated skills with intuition, perception, and simply handling individuals in any scenario.  However, it is my choice to pursue a career that stays as far away from this concept as possible.

At my New York web design firm, I did not begin as a content writer.  I was a Project Manager for various web design projects and found myself communicating via phone and email all day.  Dealing with people, even if you’re sitting on your butt all day, is exhausting.  You will come across all breeds, ready to hash out all kinds of happy (or negative) commentary.  Knowing how to combat even the fieriest of “‘tudes” is a SKILL to be had!

Time Management

Arguably, THE most important element learned throughout my college career.  When you’re a student, you don’t always have that little responsible girl or boy sitting on your shoulders saying,

“Don’t go party tonight!  Do your homework instead!”

So, when you fail to stay in Monday through Friday, you pay the price on Sunday night.  Juggling class, schoolwork, work, laundry, eating, and, oh yeah, a little thing called socializing (probably encompassing more that 80% of your college time), is a challenge to put it lightly.

I use my time management skills every day, especially when writing various content at my website design company.  Whether blogging, writing articles for forums/directories, or creating content for clients, I need to prioritize my time.  (Not to mention a side career as an amateur boxer).

Thank you college for showing me that anything is possible, including partying every night of the week WHILST still making Dean’s List every semester, through optimal time management.

The bottom line is that college teaches us more valuable, yet COVERT, life lessons.  Textbook smarts aside, this stuff is valued: