Some Journalists Are Bloggers

 May 5, 2014

…But, unfortunately, not all bloggers are journalists. In the last decade, it’s hard to come by anyone who doesn’t manage a blog. As such, there has been an increasingly startling debate over what matters and what doesn’t. Who matters and who doesn’t. With everyone and their mother blogging, there exists a blur between traditional journalism and modern blogging. Are journalism and blogging one in the same? The answer is emphatically NO. The

The Livin’s Easy…When It’s Easy


In almost all facets of life, we long for simplicity.  Why over-complicate an already indefinable thing like life? If you dare to combat my above statement, I ask you to consider the following: Fast Food Restaurants Pop Music Logo Branding What do they all have in common?  Well, the most popular and, arguably, successful examples of the above are almost always………… guessed it……………. SIMPLE! Why do we long for and perpetuate the popularity of fast food chains? The

Things You Can Get Away With As a ‘Creative’


Stuffy Pretentious Corporate

The above words represent the antithesis of the web design world.  That is why I choose THISworld. As a “creative,” I am offered the brilliance of avoiding these, arguably, undesirable facets of work.  I’ve certainly done the “suit and smile” bit, but after getting a taste of this free-living world, I’m not going back. There are many things that go on throughout the office of my New York web design firm that would

College Taught Me Something


Many people exit college with a slight (or not so slight) sense of intellectual vacancy.  That’s a shame.  I think that, while it might be challenging to recollect all of the various lectures, texts, and theories we encountered, college is more about hindsight. Let me elaborate.  :)

It’s About The People

It wouldn’t have mattered if I went to an Ivy League school in Massachusetts, or a New York state school, my

Why Making Money Online Shouldn’t Be Your First Priority


As bloggers, we all absolutely would love to succeed and make a ridiculous amount of money online.  We’d be lying if we said otherwise.  While money might be able to buy you that sweet 1956 Benz and a palace in the Hills….

Money CAN’T Buy You Happiness.

Ahhh, the old tried and true saying.  It sure is true! We must do things, even work, because we receive some kind of positive reinforcement from them. 

Music Meets Web Design

 June 10, 2012

Somewhere in my laundry list of blog posts, I have made an entry on the commonality between art, fashion, music, and design. There seems to be a great deal of similar motivation between these creative outlets.   However, there is a seemingly closer and more interesting connection between the likes of web design and music.   As someone who used to do a bit of musical performance in my heyday, I feel compelled

8 Ways To Better Content

 January 11, 2012

As awesome as we think we are, it's always a great thing to receive advice that actually works.   Maybe you're a writer, web designer, or lawyer. If you have a website, it means you need content. Of course the content argument is most relevant to those blogging or writing on a habitual basis. However, considering helpful tips is in your best interest.   So, consider these:::::::::::::::::::::::  

1- Be Short & Sweet:


How To Be Better At What You Do

 January 9, 2012

Keep doing what you do.

  Yeap, it's that simple.   Isn't is always that way, though? The most mind-boggling concerns are really those possessing the most fundamental, easy solutions. Most of the time, we are so caught up in the complexity of attaining whatever it is that we want, that we have our "panic goggles" on.   I first stumbled upon this concept about a year ago. I was reading a great

Sometimes We All Need A Little Space

 January 6, 2012

This rings true in both our personal lives and even web design. "Space" is an interesting element to our unique lives, and you will find that its benefits are often the same regardless of the context.   But, this is not my spiel on the philosophy of space. I must break it down in web design layman's terms.   Space is predominantly responsible for creating the depth that I considered in my

It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green

 January 5, 2012

Kermit the Frog was a good man and he had it RIGHT!   In the world of web design, being "green" (or "different") is a good thing. In Kermit's world, difference was bad until he learned otherwise.   Our society enforces an uncanny amount of negativity upon anyone different: whether it's race, gender, or sexual orientation, society pressures us to be "normal" (whatever that is).   I am happy that my little bubble within