8 Ways To Better Content

As awesome as we think we are, it’s always a great thing to receive advice that actually works.


Maybe you’re a writer, web designer, or lawyer. If you have a website, it means you need content. Of course the content argument is most relevant to those blogging or writing on a habitual basis. However, considering helpful tips is in your best interest.


So, consider these:::::::::::::::::::::::


1- Be Short & Sweet:

We like to hear what you have to say, but time is money! Most of us certainly don’t have much spare time on our hands. Plus, if you struggle with writing in general, this should be a relief.


If you have a service, what is it?

If you have a product, what is it?


Get to the nitty-gritty!


2- Be Confident:

If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else?


Confidence is sort of like a secret weapon. People that walk around with confidence are often regarded with the following attributes, simply because of the confident attitude:


  • success
  • power
  • wealth

    Are any of these attributes certain? Absolutely not! But, we believe it.


    3- KNOW Your Viewer:

    When I write to my grandmother, it’s seemingly different than when I write to a client. Knowing your audience will certainly shape the tone and language of your content.


    You definitely do NOT want to be talking to your clients like they’re your grandmother.


    4- Use paragraphs:

    For someone who doesn’t like to read, that ENDLESS block of text is certainly going to deter from viewing your site – not to mention reading the useful information you spent time creating.


    The simplest way to design, without designing, is simply implementing space and paragraphs within the text.


  • Make headings bold.
  • Play with text size.
  • Make lists.
  • Ask questions.

    Knock yourself out! You’d be surprised how quickly the above will alter the visual, as well as invite the user to read.


    5- Use Media:

    You don’t have to implement any snazzy coding languages into your page to get a cool graphic or video embedded onto the page. With the advent of user-friendly CMS platforms, you should be able to do this with your eyes closed.


    If you’re talking about the use of color in design, use an image! This is like captivation 101!


    6- Cite Other Professionals:

    Think of this in terms of a final term paper for college. Remember how important that dang Works Cited page was? Forget it! If you screwed that up, you were done! Point in case, you sound more intelligent when trying to make a point when you cite experts.


    With content, it goes like this: If the idea isn’t yours, simply allocate credit where credit’s due. No biggie. Plus, it does wonders for networking and online marketing by shouting out!

    7- Don’t Lecture:

    Lectures are best left in the classroom with Professor Know-it-all. Preaching sort of gives off this vibe that you’re better than the individual with whom you’re speaking to. While you might certainly know more about bio-chemistry than I do, your lecture is unwarranted.


    8- Be Inspirational:

    Yes, this sounds incredibly cheesy, but it works!!! This is in the same vain as #2. People LIKE Inspiration. They would much prefer to be motivated and encouraged, as opposed to talked AT, lectured, or even talked DOWN to.


    Inspiration creates that “airy happiness” in people’s heads when done correctly.


    The important thing to remember here is to stay positive. With all of the negativity stained news, media, and everyday occurrences, people will be stoked to find positive refuge from even the most unlikely of sources….


    Maybe even YOUR content! 🙂