Music Meets Web Design

 June 10, 2012

Somewhere in my laundry list of blog posts, I have made an entry on the commonality between art, fashion, music, and design. There seems to be a great deal of similar motivation between these creative outlets.   However, there is a seemingly closer and more interesting connection between the likes of web design and music.   As someone who used to do a bit of musical performance in my heyday, I feel compelled

Why You Should Build Your Client’s Site on WordPress


"Will I be able to manage my site when it's complete???????!!!!!!"

If you're a project manager, or work for a website design company, you have ABSOLUTELY heard this shrill cry from your clients. Believe me, we WANT you to be able to maintain your own site after we've built it too! That's why WordPress will become your client's new best friend, as well as your web design firm's!  

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