It Scares Me That People Don’t Read

There is an astronomical desire for immediacy in our culture. I can’t imagine that I’m the only person to have noticed this, specifically in regard to the absence of the written word.


In our culture, we want everything yesterday – from our food to our news to our healthcare – which has bred a “fast food” kind of nation!


It is baffling to me, as a writer and a reader, to consider the lack of reading that exists in our present day. Take a moment and think of the way in which you receive your news (if you do at all!). Some 10 years ago (it wasn’t that long ago after all), the ever-imprinted image of “dad sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper” was a staple. This image has naturally metamorphosed into “dad sitting in front of the tube” and – if “keeping up with the Jones’s” is your thing – “dad sitting with his iPad.”


It seems that the more sophisticated the device we retrieve our news from, the less news we actually receive. (Or, the more likely this news gets overrided by a vital FACEBOOK UPDATE!!!)

Web Design & The Written Word

Yes, I am biased when it comes to reading and writing, considering my career as a writer. However, it is a fact that the community of Internet-goers is rampant with impatience. The concept of “reading” has become an archaic thing.


In the web design community, I like to think we are chock-full-o-love. What I mean by this is that web designers, developers, and writers are constantly offering helpful and innovative ways to share ideas. Through blogging, design samples, and the ever-disappearing “article,” web design companies undeniably support one another.


While learning via visual sample is powerful and effective in its own right, what of learning via reading?? Ya’ know, words carefully constructed to linguistically articulate a plan, method, model, or idea? This concept never ceased to fail our most historical scholars, scientists, philosophers, and thinkers. Why should it become a thing of the past now?


Information Trickery

I am not saying that design and visual aesthetics are not amazing counterparts to the digital world. I work at a New York web design firm! However, I feel that design is often implemented poorly, generating a visual assault: Where do I look? There’s so many buttons! Look at all of the options!!!!!


Those are the kinds of thoughts that poor web design can project on everyday viewers.


Even web design blogs are becoming more and more visual. We are seemingly losing the discussion of amazing web design, development, and the like. And, we are getting lost in the catatonic trance of visual news.


Just something to think about.
Or, read about! 🙂